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Julian Music is of great sincerity and undeniable warmth, which indeed makes it special.
(National Music Critic Frank John Hadley, Jazziz and Downbeat Magazine)


Dedicated Soul

Like millions of Beatles fans around the globe, Julian shares a musical dream...to someday go to London and somehow say "Hello" to producer George Martin and Paul McCartney while being invited the next day to tour the famous Abbey Road and Air Studios. Then just maybe get to record an original song or two, receive a hug and along with a dat tape, to only find yourself continuing the musical journey back to America and Capitol Record Studio in Hollywood. What makes this story unique is that it was a gift done in the spirit of love for no monetary exchange. A dream come true... This is exactly the chain of events that happened which brings us "Dedicated Soul".

This CD is about the art of love and life, here and beyond all time. John Lennon wrote "life is what happens to you when your busy making other plans", which inspired me to write ...

"Live in the moment
and give the spirit everything"

"The gift of songwriting has allowed (Julian) to be part of many memorable moments.

"Woodstock "1994 brings us to an impromptu performance of John Lennon's Imagine, acapella, sung by Julian, a 7:30 in the morning Sunday wake-up call followed by Gospel Hour and the Allman Brothers. Thank you for the dream Richie.

The Boston Globe calls him "the idealistic tunesmith".


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