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"the most famous unfamous person you'll ever meet"

Poet/Singer/Songwriter, Julian has been credited alongside some of the most legendary musical artists of all time. His work has shown up in live performances, records, TV, Videos, and radio alike. Julian with Leno

As a songwriter and collaborator some songs and performances appear on Warner Brothers records and TV, Gold Castle Records, Eternity Records, etc., while currently he is working on his newest CD, "Dedicated Soul" at Capitol Studios Hollywood. This CD includes live tracks to sold out crowds in beautiful concert halls on Martha's Vineyard, Cape Cod and New England. It also includes songs recorded at Air Studios, London and Capitol Studios, Hollywood.

You can find Julian's name alongside a body of works with the likes of such legendary artists as Peter, Paul and Mary, Bob Dylan, Pete Seeger, Tom Paxton and others. He has shared musical evenings, either opening up for or creating and jamming, with the likes of Richie Havens, Hugh Taylor, James Taylor (at Dogfish Bar & Grill), members of the Grateful Dead (New Gorjes), Liv Taylor, Alex Taylor, Sally Taylor, Carly Simon (The Whaling Church), Jonathan Edwards, Marty Balin of Jefferson Starship, John Cipollina of Quick Silver Messenger Service etc. He is lovingly referred to as the most "famous unfamous person you will ever meet". His musical character and abilities include harmonica, piano and anything with strings, especially the guitar, which has created contribution and endorsements through the Fender and Guild Guitar corporations. He has also received complimentary harmonicas from Hohner Harmonica for his classic rock blues harp performances. The Boston Globe has called him the "idealistic tunesmith" as he has written a theme song for Special Olympics "Special People" in which all proceeds benefited Special Olympics. He is also a founder of the Eternity Foundation and its subsidiaries including Records, Concert Series and Guitar Series.

While pursuing his musical pop career he is also working on a children's book and CD entitled "Rock-a-bye Train".. His first children's song is a collaboration with Grammy award winner songwriter/producer and arranger Michael Kamen.


  • To always remember that the riches of the soul are far better than the riches of the world.
  • Julian

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